Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Cycle Inclusive Planning for Bangalore + Critical Mass : 31st Jan

There will be a workshop for Cycle Inclusive Planning for Bangalore, organised by Ride a Cycle and government authorities and cycling associations.

Date: Jan 31st
Venue: Conference Hall, KSRTC Central Office, K H Road, Bangalore
Details :
Pasting the invite here:

This event will be followed by the third edition of Critical Mass - Bangalore...

Slides from Ignite

Slides from my Ignite presentation are online at the Ignite Slideshare link. Thanks to Rajiv and co at Thoughtworks and O'Rielly for hosting this event. Great job, guys.
The formatting of the slides have gone slightly out of whack because of the upload into slideshare, but are all very readable.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Presentation on city bike schemes at Ignite 2009

Hi folk,
I'll be giving a presentation at Ignite 2009. It's called "Freewheeling" and will deal with the concept of city bikes and their relevance to Bangalore. The talk shall not be about this project in particular, but will cover a broader perspective on city bike schemes. I shall post the presentation online after the event. For more information on Ignite 2009 check out

To register as audience for the event, please mail or confirm on Facebook at

Friday, December 5, 2008

Meeting : 7 Dec 2008 (Sunday) at 18:30, Koshy's

Freewheeling : Meeting at Koshy's

Sun Dec 7 18:30 – 19:30

(Timezone: India Standard Time)

Koshy's, St Mark's Road, Bangalore

Meeting to discuss Freewheeling : Brainstorming on ideas and evolving a strategy.
More event details»

Minutes of the meeting can be found here :

Research and planning


Research needs to be done on the various aspects of the project and how it has fared in other locations. Some starting points are :
The aspects we need to look at in all the above are :
  • Method of operations, logistics
  • Performance of project
  • Security
  • Finances
  • Media
  • Public opinion
  • Points to adapt to our project
Here, I refer to planning at the macro level. This is where the various subsets in the project coalesce.
Also, from the various aspects on the To-Do list and the feasibility and usability discussions, we need to collate, filter and unify the ideas that come in, and schedule and stack the ideas to form a structured whole and then generate a working plan.

Usability considerations

In this post, we look at the usability considerations for the project. Assuming the project is up and running, how useful will it be? Will it have the required impact. Some facets are:
  • Will enough people shift from their personal motorised vehicles to use bicycles?
  • Will there be a consequent positive impact on traffic?
  • Could there be a negative impact due to reckless riding?
  • Will the project be financially sustainable?
  • Will the project be cost effective for the end user?
  • Will sponsors and involved companies see value in the project?
  • Will the security and maintenance factors be sustainable?
  • Will the general mindset transform over a period of time, making the cycles the preferred option?
  • Travel time considerations
  • Pollution exposure considerations
This blog will be updated based on inputs from brainstorming on the mailing list.

Government and Police interactions

  • Government approval - We need to get approval from the government authorities on this. this would mainly involve BBMP, and maybe the Town Planning and Urban Development authorities. We need permissions on getting space for the stations, probable sanctions for biking lanes, legislation if required. We also need to get approvals for the ideas and then legal tenders if required, so companies can bid for the project, probably on a BOOT (Build, Own, Operate, Transfer) model. We need government backing on the project. Our case would be strengthened if we had media backing, and backing by eminent personalities.

  • Police interaction -
  1. Traffic police : Approval for project ( dunno if we need their permission), inputs on project, approval for biking lanes, safety concerns, bike stations
  2. Regular police : Approval for security arrangements, possibility of biking stations along police station compounds